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ExternalCronJobs makes your cron job setup really interesting by providing an awesome interface.

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How ExternalCronJobs can help you?

ExternalCronJobs gives you an effortless experiene to setup cron jobs from anywhere.

Not only HTTP Calls, it's a complete cron job system

ExternalCronJobs is not only HTTP Calls. It gives you more flexibility like execution of linux commands and website ping services.

It comes up with out of the box feature to run your cron jobs from your own servers.

Periodical MySQL Database backups

ExternalCronJobs has ability to backup your MySQL database on periodical basis.

Database backups are one of the most important thing when we maintain a product. ExternalCronJobs comes up with out of the box database backup system where you need to provider your database credentials and path to store database.

Integration with Amazon S3 buckets

ExternalCronJobs allows you to upload your backups to Amazon buckets.

Database backups require storage where data can be uploaded. ExternalCronJobs allows you to save your backups to Amazon S3 buckets.

Powerful Rest APIs.

ExternalCronJobs comes up with the support of Powerful Rest APIs which allows you to do all the required actions from anywhere.

We understand that integrations are very important these days when we have technology on the top of everything. We have come up with powerful Rest APIs which allow users to integrate ExternalCronJobs with any thirdparty platforms.

Integration with Slack/Flock

ExternalCronJobs comes up with out of the box Slack/Flock integration i.e you can receive all of the success/failure notifications over there

We understand that Slack/Flock are one of the best tools being used these days and it comes along with out of the box integrations with multiple platforms. So ExternalCronJobs have come up with integration with these and allows you to get all failure and success notifications over there.

Powerful Logging

It's really important to see all the executions of a cron jobs so that we can identify if any of those executions failed. ExternalCronJobs comes up with powerful Logging. Which provide you logs of previous 20 executions along with all the required information

Execute cron jobs from your own distributed servers

ExternalCronJobs allows you to setup your own distributed cron management system, where you can purchase our download license and setup it on multiple servers. You can select execution server when you create your cron job and all executions of distributed cron jobs can be seen from your hosted area.

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